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What is hashing? Running meets drinking with a little bit of game thrown in. I’ll explain later, but a friend of mine told me about it maybe a year ago. I really wanted to participate, but couldn’t figure out where to go to find it.

Fast forward to this past Monday. I had just moved, things were hectic and on top of all of that I was trying to find places to do product samplings for reGen (cocoa recovery drink It just so happened there was a group run two blocks from my new apartment that night at 6:30. I called to make sure they’d be cool with me handing out free stuff (usually not a problem) and then decided to do it.

I rolled up to find a guy handing out beer from a cooler in his trunk and 30 people in running gear. I was confused. Then, someone asked the group, “Who’s a first time hasher?”
I was very happy to see that more than half the group had never done it before. We were ushered to the other side of the parking lot and I half expected to get hazed.

The Rules:

Follow the clumps of colored flour on the ground. That’s the running trail. When you get to a chalked circle, that’s a checkpoint (always at an intersection) and runners have to go in each of the three directions to find the ‘true trail.’ An ‘X’ means wrong way, but an arrow with three hash marks means you’re on the right track. They mess with you and will put down two clumps of colored flour in one direction only to follow it with an X.

The Game:

You can kind of see how it works. If you hang back the faster runners will find the right trail. While they’re out exploring you have a break to catch your breath and socialize. I hung back at first since, but then ran with lead group.

Our group leader was more like a drill sergeant. He was jacked up, shirtless and wore ironman dog tags. When we got to a checkpoint, he would bark orders. “You, that way!” Then, he would periodically check on our progress by yelling, “RU!” To which we would respond with “True trail” or “X.”


This was not just fun and games either, this was a real workout. By the end, we’d covered 5 and a half miles at a 7:20 pace. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it. I think they meet every Monday at Potomac River Running in Arlington at 6:30 (

Afterwards we got more beer and I did my reGen product sampling. Tried to convince people to double fist. It worked out pretty well and I met some great people. I’ll probably be back for more.

Next Post:
This one was supposed to be about my fall season goals, but after this crazy experience mixed with my indecisiveness I switched it up. Next week will probably be fall season goals.

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  1. Wow, this is hardcore. Isn't it dangerous to drink and run when it is 85 degrees with 85% humidity? Still sounds like fun.