Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baltimore Half Marathon Race Strategy

The Baltimore Half Marathon is going to be a hilly course, but I’m hoping to set a PR. I found myself in a similar situation six months ago facing the National Half.

With a straight upwards climb on Connecticut Ave and rollers on Colombia Rd the National Half isn’t ideal to PR.
I checked the elevation chart and made a detailed race plan to the tenth of a mile for paces to average 7:00.

I was in a little better shape than I thought and I managed the hills well. By the time I hit mile ten I was feeling pretty fresh. I increased my pace goals and hammered the final three miles.

I got my PR, averaging 6:49 per mile. I was very happy.

This time around I checked out the Baltimore Half elevation chart and this is what my race plan is looking like:

Mile 1-5 6:40
Mile 5-7 7:00
Mile 7-11 6:40
Mile 11-13.1 6:20

You can take a look at the elevation chart here:

Goal pace: 6:40. Hopefully my race strategy will work out in the same way it did last time. We’ll see if I can stay on pace. Race report to follow….

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